Sleepy Anesthesia Associates, PLLC

Excellence in Anesthesia Safety and Comfort

Anesthesia services for today’s healthcare needs: High Quality, Cost-Effective, Efficient.

Sleepy Anesthesia Associates, PLLC

Excellence in
Anesthesia Safety and Comfort

Anesthesia services for
today’s healthcare needs:
High Quality, Cost-Effective, Efficient.

Committed to Partnership in Providing High Quality, Cost-Effective Services

Sleepy Anesthesia Associates (SAA) is a customer service–oriented business recognizing the unique needs of patients, facilities/groups and physicians for whom we administer or provide anesthesia services.

We are known for excellence in patient safety and comfort, and our practice strongly emphasizes opioid-sparing techniques and Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) protocols. With SAA, you get more than just anesthesia management—you achieve anesthesia innovation.

Our Services

Optimizing staffing and operational procedures

Recruitment and retention of highly skilled and qualified anesthesia professionals

Development and implementation of department policies and procedures

Cost containment via evaluation of supplies and medications

Implementing continuous quality assurance/performance improvement initiatives and assisting with accreditation

Consistent, excellent anesthesia care improves patient satisfaction, surgeon satisfaction and operating room staff morale, as well as the facility’s bottom line.

A personal approach to customizing your anesthesia solution.

We will analyze your specific needs, identify critical issues, and address unique problems to help your facility/group improve the efficiency and the effectiveness of its anesthesia services.

SAA strives to raise the bar on current anesthesia services while continuously evaluating additional opportunities to improve and enhance care for patients and improve the facility’s/group’s bottom line, such as implementing opioid-sparing measures. SAA customizes the anesthesia services and practice model to align with YOUR quality and service, and your financial and operational goals.

Fee for service billing

It is Sleepy Anesthesia Associates’ goal to promote smooth, hassle-free transactions while minimizing the confusion associated with resolving a patient’s financial obligations. Patient advocacy and support are extremely important to us. Sleepy Anesthesia Associates participates in most managed care plans in order to minimize the financial burden on patients. In addition, we utilize a sophisticated computer system with knowledgeable, friendly staff that can work with patients and insurance companies to avoid and if necessary resolve financial matters as quickly and painlessly as possible. Various billing models are available to meet your financial goals and optimize your reimbursement.
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About our President - Juan Quintana, CRNA, MHS, DNP

Juan Quintana, CRNA, MHS, DNP

The president of Sleepy Anesthesia, Dr. Quintana is a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA) practicing anesthesia since 1997. 

Graduating with a Doctor of Nursing Practice degree from Texas Christian University in 2009, Dr. Quintana has been a leader in the education and evaluation of cost-effectiveness and efficiency of the best anesthesia practice models across the country. He is a past president of the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists and has spoken at the local, state and national levels on the “Business of Anesthesia,” “Cost Effectiveness of Best Anesthesia Practice Models,” “Cost Effectiveness of Anesthesia Professionals” and “Anesthesia Billing and Compliance.”

In 2010, Dr. Quintana became the first CRNA to serve on the Medicare Evidence Development and Coverage Advisory Council (MEDCAC), an independent body that provides the Medicare agency guidance and expert advice on the science and technology affecting healthcare delivery.

Dr. Quintana also serves as an educator, as ex-officio faculty to the Texas Christian University Doctor of Nursing Practice program, and as adjunct faculty to TCU’s Nurse Anesthesia Program, both in Fort Worth, Texas.

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