Sleepy Anesthesia Associates, PLLC

Excellence in Anesthesia Safety and Comfort

Anesthesia services for today’s healthcare needs: High Quality, Cost-Effective, Efficient.

Sleepy Anesthesia Associates, PLLC

Excellence in
Anesthesia Safety and Comfort

Anesthesia services for
today’s healthcare needs:
High Quality, Cost-Effective, Efficient.

Contracting Innovative Billing Models and Hassle-Free Services

About Our Billing Services

Sleepy Anesthesia Associates, in partnership with ABC Consulting, has developed various models through which we can improve your facility’s/group’s reimbursement for anesthesia services. Healthcare providers with over 20 years of experience will carefully examine your anesthesia claims and reimbursement. Vigorous attention to the billing process, through detailed submissions and reconciliation of each account, optimizes your reimbursement and improves your bottom line. Thorough claims review for your facility/group permits us to assess trends and inefficiencies in reimbursement, thereby improving on denial rates and areas of lost revenue.

It is Sleepy Anesthesia Associates’ goal to promote smooth, hassle-free transactions while minimizing the confusion associated with resolving a patient’s financial obligations. Patient advocacy and support are extremely important to us. Sleepy Anesthesia Associates encourages participation in most managed care plans in order to minimize the financial burden on patients. In addition, we utilize a sophisticated computer system with knowledgeable, friendly staff that can work with patients and insurance companies to avoid and if necessary resolve financial matters as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Various billing models are available to meet your financial goals and optimize your reimbursement.

Billing Models

Negotiating Insurance Contracts

Sleepy Anesthesia Associates, by virtue of experience and education, has negotiated strong contracts with various insurance companies nationally. With your assistance, Sleepy Anesthesia can evaluate and negotiate/renegotiate strong contractual agreements that improve your financial return with the top insurance companies in your area. Negotiating contracts can be time-consuming and frustrating for your staff. Let our experience and education work for you when establishing your next insurance contractual agreement.

Obtaining Provider Numbers

Those who have gone through the effort of obtaining provider numbers for Medicare and Medicaid understand the frustration and efforts required to gather the information, complete the applications and submit them cleanly. Any mistakes can delay obtaining numbers for weeks, and submitting claims for even longer. Sleepy Anesthesia Associates makes the process easy and quick, ensuring your facility/group can begin submitting payable claims sooner. Let our experience work for you.

Meet the President of ABC Consulting, LLC

Timothy Lyons, PT, BSPT, has been in billing practice for 28 years. A graduate of University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston, Mr. Lyons assists groups and facilities with billing, compliance and maximization of net revenues.

His primary focus over the last 10 years has been on health care administration, incorporating the business of health care with the provision of quality services. He has vast experience with Medicare/Medicaid and third-party contracts in various states.

In addition, Mr. Lyons is adjunct faculty at University of Central Arkansas and Texas State University – San Marcos. He lectures on healthcare business and management, and is frequently an invited speaker at professional association meetings. Patient advocacy, customer service and education are the core of his success.

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